Celebrities are not pulling Netflix Dave Chappell’s latest comedy special despite misinformation

Dave Chappell Thanks to his recent Netflix specials, he has been accused of homophobia and transphobia, Nearby. But the streaming platform has sided with the legendary comedian, despite a viral video saying that the streaming service is attracting special attention.

October 8, co-CEO of Netflix Ted Sarandos In a memorandum, “We do not approve titles [on] Netflix which is designed to incite hatred or violence, and we do not believe Nearby Crosses that line. However, I admit that it is difficult to distinguish between commentary and loss, especially the stand-up comedy that exists to raise boundaries. Some people find the stand-up industry exciting but our members enjoy it and it’s an important part of our content. “

It is also reported that three hijra employees have been fired after the accident at the Netflix leadership committee meeting. Netflix denied that employees were disciplined to talk about their views on Twitter and other media platforms.

The 48-year-old comedy legend was repeatedly called upon to target the LGBTQ community with his material. The National Black Justice Coalition has asked to pull content, which Netflix has denied. Several activists have said his comedy is harmful.

Staff and writers Raquel WillisA black trans woman, she tweeted about the special. Willis wrote About Chappell, “It is convenient for black chiset male comedians to talk about LGBTQ + people, as our group is only or even predominantly white. With that frame, they don’t have to debate how black sedentary people carry out (physical and mental) violence against black LGBTQ + people.

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