Yvonne Orzi apologized to her fans who called her the “average celebrity” she had ever met.

Evan Orgy recently apologized to a fan who described in detail one of his encounters with the ‘insecure’ star that misled him. The young woman responded to a Twitter thread asking about people’s experiences with ordinary celebrities, and she didn’t hold Chile’s Yvonne.

The woman, affectionately known as The Crystalknot on Twitter, explained that she had met Evon Orgy at the Women’s Empowerment Conference and asked for a picture before giving a speech. According to Crystal’s recollection of the situation, Yvonne denied a picture of her and called her about a conversation on stage.

“I met Yvonne Orzy at a women’s empowerment conference. She was going to give her speech and I wanted a picture while I was waiting,” she wrote. “She didn’t say. I respect his privacy, go ahead and take my seat in the front row. He reached out to part of his speech about staying steadfast. ”

In another tweet, Crystal said Evon told her in the crowd that she should have been more assertive and deliberate about getting the picture as opposed to taking “no” for the answer. Crystal even provided a clip of Yvonne’s speech from the conference.

“The thing here, I don’t hate the word. I do, ”Avon said. “And I know I told you when I asked you for a picture, but God bless it. After this conversation you will see why I should have asked more like you, you should have just continued.

After Crystal’s tweet went viral, Yvonne apologized to him at the bottom of the thread.

“Hey Crystal, I’m saddened by how you felt about the event after you confronted me,” Evan wrote. “It wasn’t really my intention to make you feel anything less than a beautiful woman.”

Yvonne Orji was trending after the apology, but hasn’t spoken publicly about it since.

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