21 Savage Close Atlanta with his ‘Franknic’ themed birthday party

“Make it like my birthday, baby!” If you know about ‘Fricnic’, you know it was the place to go back to that day! Although the popular show of the 90s is over, 21 Savage brought it back for his birthday. Last night, the rapper closed Atlanta for his ‘freakinick’ themed birthday party and didn’t miss his team planner Hannah Kong. If you don’t see it on social media, scroll back to your timeline because it was burning! 21 and his crew came out in gear in the 90s, and everyone at the party understood the job.

Regine Carter, G. Harbo, and the upcoming rapper Kali, among others, came out to celebrate him. Regina looked amazing with her gold chain top and cut-off shorts. The night was full of surprises, and the biggest one was the gift of a custom red pickup truck from a 21 young thug. There were 21 signature knives in the truck around the car. It even has 21 lights inside the roof of a car like a Rolls Royce. The surprise didn’t stop there. KP and Annie, who are best known for their hit song, “Shatty Swing My Way”, hit the stage and also did Uncle Luke. He “scared” her hit with the combination of Trick Daddy.

Regina and Kali gave it back to the DJs all night, but so did Lato. He ‘appeared to chola with Kali because they were both dancing together. Last week, people assumed that Lato was behind a unique birthday cake he shared on his Instagram story for his birthday. If you think about it, both of them have started spreading dating rumors. However, they were not seen together. Rumiz let us know who wore the best clothes even by leaving a comment below!

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