21 Savage turned himself in to the police, then was released on bond

21 barbaric Trying to get out of his recent legal trouble. Thursday (September 23), rapper, born Sheia bin Abraham-Joseph, He turned himself in to Atlanta authorities who had a 2019 warrant for possession of drugs and weapons. He was released later that day, according to BuzzFeed News.

He was arrested on 21 February by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and taken into custody claiming he was “a current UK citizen” who entered the United States legally in July 2005 on a visa.

At the time of his arrest, ICE officials claimed that the rapper’s 2014 serious drug charges were the basis of his deportation. His legal representatives have denied the allegations, saying the charges against him were later dropped.

The ICE eventually withdrew allegations of serious offenses.

However, September 7, BuzzFeed A local magistrate court judge signed a warrant authorizing his arrest on charges of possession of drugs and weapons in DeCallab County during his February 2019 arrest. Authorities allege there was a bottle of liquid that tested positive for codeine outside his car and a handgun was found inside the car.

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21 Savage’s lawyers have denied knowing about the warrant.

His lawyer, Charles Crow, A statement said, “The warrant appears to have been sought under the direction of the ICE, as Mr. The warrant was issued on the eve of an immigration court hearing in Joseph’s deportation process, and based on the events that took place in the evening, the ICE two and a half years ago Mr. Joseph was arrested.

A hearing on Savage’s immigration status is scheduled for November 1.

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