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We mistakenly had very low expectations Sioux Falls When we got into town. Staying here just means a convenient break Minneapolis And Mount Rushmore. Little did we know that whatever this adorable city gave us would be instantly conquered. A philosophy Sioux Falls Long drives have become an ideal stop for breaking. A night here is a perfect time to experience what this part of the country has to offer which is much more than we expected! Here is advice for me What to see and do in Sioux Falls in 24 hours.

1. Arc of dreams

Iconic sculpture is a signature landmark Sioux Falls. The pressure is above fifty feet Big Sioux River And a similar wide range of football fields. It’s a short and beautiful walk on a pedestrian bridge below the arch to appreciate this new addition to the city’s art.

2 .8th and railroad
High quality retailers line up at this outdoor shopping center. It is rather small but high quality boutique shops and gourmet restaurants filled with a strange atmosphere. We were rather surprised to see the quality of the products sold in the beautifully designed stores. There is a farmer’s market every Saturday in summer. Please note that most stores are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

3. Downtown Sioux Falls

Phillips Avenue This is the main pull of the city. It is a rather event and gathering place that is extremely well maintained, clean, and overflowing with visitors, restaurants and shops. We had a great time walking on the sidewalk and admiring the architecture. Many shops have displayed flags of arrogance which we did not expect to see in this part of the country. We are fascinated by the sophistication of the people here, the high quality retailers and the excellent food options.

4. Walking sculpture

As you walk down Phillips Avenue You will pass over sixty sculptures of different artists located across the country. Each spring new pieces are selected in the city’s sidewalk line. Each part has a brief BIOS that provides some context for the sculptures. Sioux Falls Loves his art. You will find lots of sculptures not just in the city, but throughout the city.

5. Waterfall Park

Waterfall Park Is Sioux Falls The biggest attraction. The park is spread over about one hundred and thirty acres Big Sioux River. The site once housed The Queen Bill Mill in the late 1800s. The ruins of the previous mill remain on the park grounds to preserve the park’s historic past. There are several convenient points to appreciate the waterfall, including the observation tower.

6. Corn Palace

“The World’s Only Corn Palace” strangely attracts 500,000 tourists every year to see the corn murals created over a century ago. Corn Palace Eighty minutes drive from Sioux Falls. Personally, I wouldn’t just make the drive to see the attraction but it can be a fun, quick stop if you’re driving Sioux Falls Per Mount Rushmore.

7. Where to eat:

Josier (Breakfast)

Most restaurants Sioux Falls Sundays and Mondays are closed but Josiah’s Coffee House and Cafe Serves the locals faithfully every day of the week. This cafe is very adorable and welcoming. Above all, they provide smooth and healthy breakfast options such as home-made granola topped with fresh berry and oatmeal chia seeds and ground flax seeds. For those of you who enjoy a pastry with your coffee, the bakery pumps a variety of fresh baked goods. We like to start our day here.

Desire (Lunch)

Although our hotel restaurant recommended, we kept our expectations for lunch very low. Creve American Kitchen & Sushi Bar, Its located in the Hilton Garden Inn Sioux Falls. The restaurant is a popular meal option for visitors and locals because it was full for lunch when we arrived (thankfully we made reservations!). The menu quickly captivated us and relieved our anxiety. The restaurant offers vegetarian, vegetarian and gluten-free options. The dishes were prepared with fresh ingredients and everything was really good!

Crawford’s Bar & Grill (Dinner)

Crawford Is The Dinner Sioux Falls. The fun, up-scale American restaurant is lively and bright. The food is good, not great but the fun environment creates a lack of culinary skills.

CH Pastry (Sweets and food)

You cannot enter this stylish patisserie while you walk Phillips Avenue. CH Pastry The brain of a world champion pastry chef. European-style confectionery and pastries Almost Very nice to eat. Macarons come in our most creative flavors. French treats come in unique creations such as cake frosting, fruity cereals, chocolate-covered strawberries, sour cream and chocolate pretzels. The latter is absolutely delicious – probably my best tasting macaron.

8. Where Imbibe

Carpenter’s bar

We never imagined that such a cute cocktail would make their way Sioux Falls. Carpenter’s bar The type of bar you want to find in Manhattan is where the mixologists here take the art of making top and perfect cocktails very seriously. The outdoor courtyard was filled with customers sipping their balanced, creative cocktails while people watched. The people sitting next to us were from Chicago and New York. It is definitely the kind of place that attracts people from big cities who are accustomed to quality drinks. Except here, drinks don’t come with big city price tags. At $ 10 per cocktail of this caliber, the third round was hard to resist.

Hello hi

Further down Phillips Avenue, You will find Hello hi, With a completely different vibe from a bar nearby Carpenter’s bar. Hello hi This tiny, Polynesian-inspired neighborhood hang-out attracts locals. The atmosphere was lively with music playing and patrons enjoying the tropical mood with New York-style pizzas. This is a great place to end the night when the temperature drops and the sky starts to get dark (not before 10pm!).

9. Where to stay

Hotel in Philips

Hotel in Philips It is a landmark landmark that was built in 181 as the Sioux Falls National Bank and was converted into a luxury hotel a hundred years later. The hotel retains many historic historical details like the original chandeliers while ultimately providing modern accommodation. The location is an easy walk to the city center. No doubt this is the best hotel accommodation you can find Sioux falls.

We caused such an explosion Sioux Falls. The attractions are all very close to each other and will take you less than two hours to check out. The main draw for us here was spending time Phillips Avenue Drinking great cocktails, mingling with locals, and watching activities in town make their mark as people slowly pave the sidewalks and cars down the street. The quality of the city’s offerings really surprised us. For some reason, we didn’t expect such a high level of sophistication here. Boy were we wrong? Because the city is so small that one night here is enough but you can expect a really nice night!

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