5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: Jeff Ement of Pearl Jam

Name Jeff Ament

The current city Misula, Mt.

Really want to be Esauira, Morocco

Excited about Top Secret Soundscape Scoring Gig.

I have a lot of current music collections Easy Records Stable, US Hardcore 1978-1984, NY Avant, Windham Hill.

Don’t expect me to listen Of Marlion Lost childhood.

The format of choice Vinyl so far, but I’m lazy so MP3 in the car.

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without:


Discreet music

Brian Eno

I get lost in these pieces and every time I hear different rhythms and melodies … the perfect companion for a friend alone on an island.


Bitches brew

Miles Davis

Lots of layers, incredible changes and colors. The Bill Laswell remix is ​​stunning.


Good start

Sure Ros

The alien has landed. This tour is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen live, right next to the 1983 bad brain.


Laughing stock

Talk to you soon

Really nice interplay, the musicians are really listening to each other. Unrestrained emotion in the voice. This and Mark’s solo record is super impressive.


Physical graffiti

Led zeppelin

Only because it’s two records, because they didn’t make a bad record. I would be happy with any one of them. “In the light” and “Kashmir” are both in the other world, which will be needed on the desert island.

Honorable mention:

It took me five months to reduce this list.

Yoko Onor Plastic ono band

Stevie Wonder Insights

Peter Gabriel 1

Neil Young’s Decade

Gordon Downey Introduce yourself

Public Image Limited Second edition

Black flag Damaged

Grizzly beer Slope

Portshead Dummy

David Bowie Hanky ​​Dory

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