5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: Roger Sanchez

Name Roger Sanchez

Known for the best “Another chance “; 4 deck DJ set; laser-cut, two tone beard and sci-fi fool.

The current city Miami

Really want to stay Just where I am, making bits and spray painting on a few walls.

Excited about Another opportunity for a dance tour, some very exciting new collabs, new artist albums, NFT, graffiti pieces.

I have a lot in my current music collection Massive Attack, Econosh (Organic House), London Grammar, Nass, El Mundo.

And a little Spirit, alternative.

Don’t judge me Nah, I’m happy with all my music.

Format of choice Vinyl is fun to play with, but it’s sad to carry a ton of it on the street. I like to listen to WAVs and they sound great when mastered properly and when playing on analog systems.

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without:


Love Deluxe


Saad is one of my all-time, iconic “I want to work with him” artists. Polite voice and total class, it was one of his most needed albums and the perfect air-down, romantic album for me.




This album represents my city of New York when I was growing up in Queens and Nass was the voice that told our story. It brings back memories of break dancing, graffiti and my high school days.



Massive attack

One of my favorite British groups is those who have combined hip-hop, dub and other ingredients with such recognized UK flavors and dark moods and cemented the word Bristol. I play to end this beginning, especially when I’m painting.


Song is the key to life

Stevie Wonder

My two favorite Stevie Wonder songs, “Come” and “Another Star” are the basis of this album for me. Stevie’s voice and production breathe a sigh of relief and emotion throughout this album.



You don’t answer You don’t answer

There are a lot of FM songs that I would like to mention, but this album is the perfect driving album for me. I can put it on and drive for miles I am still amazed at how this British band reflects the American feeling in their music, yet maintains an exclusive distinctive feel for them.

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