50 interesting facts about Jennifer Lopez

1 .. His first big screen role came in the 1995 drama My family, Powered by Gregory Nava. Despite her outstanding performance as Young Maria, she was nominated for an Independent Soul Award for Best Supporting Woman by any means. He is lost May Winningham.

14. In 1997, she played a lifetime role in the role of the late Tejano singer Selina Quintanilla Inside Selina. Despite working with Nava, who directed the film, she is still the victim of an intense audition process. Her salary for the film was $ 1 million, making her the highest paid Hispanic actress in history.

15. The filming of a movie concert scene makes him itch to build a recording career. “When I did Selina, Interacting with fans and the public, it’s back to what you don’t get in a movie, “he said. Los Angeles Times In 1999.

1 .. On February 22, she married a Cuban waiter to her No. 1 husband Ojani Noah. They were married in less than a year.

17. Despite their brief reunion, he stood as a thorn in her side for years, forcing her to sue him in 2006 for preventing her from publishing a book about her marriage, arguing that it violated their privacy agreement. The following year, a court-appointed arbitrator issued him a permanent injunction restraining him from “criticizing, condemning, throwing in negative light or otherwise insulting his ex-wife.”

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