7 Best and Largest Christmas Markets in Europe (Opens 2021)

Looking for This year is the largest Christmas market in Europe? Wondering which European city is best for Christmas? Here are 7 best choices for planning your next trip!

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Would you be a little overwhelmed when trying to decide which European Christmas market is the best?

I know how you feel I think we tried to choose our first Christmas market experience; It wants to get ‘just right’ and make sure we don’t miss anything. But then the decisions come.

Did you choose the largest Christmas market in Europe? Or the oldest? Or the most famous? Seriously, How are you supposed to decide this thing It’s time to spend Christmas in Europe?

So, here’s a quick run-down 7 of the best and largest Christmas markets in Europe And what makes them awesome. And then you have to choose one.


Note: This is still a strange time. I’ve tried my best to keep dates up to date as much as possible, but things are changing on a very fast basis. Please check before traveling. If you are unable to leave the UK, here is the best UK Christmas Market (updated for this year).

One of the largest Christmas markets in Europe is in Nuremberg, Germany.

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Which is the largest Christmas market in Europe?

Believe it or not, Nuremberg, Germany The largest Christmas market in Europe, And indeed the world. (Or at least, it was last year. I think someone could build a big one somewhere this year!) And to help you navigate this amazing Christmas market, here are 9 essential tips for visiting the Christmas market in Europe.

Why go to the Nuremberg Christmas Market in Germany?

As well as being the largest Christmas market in Europe for me, Nuremberg Germany Christmas Market is one of the most interesting! I like the story of how the locals choose a girl as the ‘Christmas face’. She must be blonde, local, 16-19, and not be afraid of heights !! On the opening day of the market, he was the most important person there. Who is Santa?

In addition, you will find hundreds of beautiful wooden stalls, selling everything from traditional Christmas gifts, local delicacies, food (mmmmm) and glohuin (warm wine). Glohuin mugs become unique and collector’s pieces every year. They also make great stocking fillers for people back home! (After you finish the wine, of course!)

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The best thing about visiting Europe’s largest Christmas market is the atmosphere. The Germans know how to party anyway, but the scale of the festival gives it a uniquely extraordinary touch. All the locals gather at the market after work and after partying in the evening- it becomes a fun place to hang out, which is why it is easily one of the best Christmas markets in Germany. We recommend planning a motorhome trip to Germany here- there is plenty of parking here.

What are the dates of the Nuremberg Christmas Market happening in 2021?

Yes. Opening dates are 26 November – 24 December 2021.

The opening ceremony will be held on November 26 at 17:30

The market is open daily, including Sundays, from 10.00-21.00 (excluding Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas Eve) which closes at 14:00).

Beautiful stall at the Dresden Christmas Market in Germany.
The oldest Christmas market in Europe – Dresden

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Where is the oldest Christmas market in Europe?

Dresden, Germany extend the title The oldest Christmas market in Europe. It is apparently the oldest Christmas market in the world – dating back to 1434!

Strasbourg (see below) is regularly (and mistakenly!) Referred to as the oldest Christmas market in Europe, but its Christkindelsmaric only dates back to 1570.

Why should you visit the Dresden Christmas Market?

Dresden has more than 11 Christmas markets and each has its own appeal. I especially like that you can See artisans at work– Glass blowers make Christmas bouquets, bakers offer Christmas wreaths – it adds to the atmosphere and traditional themed feeling.

They are also proud of the world’s tallest Christmas pyramid and the world’s largest nutcracker! So be sure to visit one of the best Christmas markets in Germany.

Is the Dresden Christmas Market happening in 2021?

Yes. Opening date 27 November – 24 December 2021

Colorful Christmas tree at the Christmas market in Strasbourg, France.
The most famous and largest Christmas market in Europe – Strasbourg, France

Which is the most famous Christmas market in Europe?

It’s a tough one, because fame fluctuates, but is known as the ‘market’The capital of Christmas‘Strasbourg, France. I have asked several people what is the best Christmas market in Europe and they have always mentioned Strasbourg and Christkindlesmaric.

Its perfect scale makes it one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe, and every street is full of lights, beautiful decorations and festive merriment!

Why should you visit the Strasbourg Christmas Market?

Strasbourg really gets ‘all out’ at Christmas. Every shop, street and alley has decorations, lights, ornaments and often some kind of animation. It’s a festival for the senses, all set against the backdrop of the beautiful city of Strasbourg and the incredible Strasbourg Cathedral!

Strasbourg Hall One of the largest Christmas markets in France And this is the date of 1570. It is one of the best Christmas markets in France, as there are more than 300 stalls in 10 different locations across the city, selling traditional traditional food, drinks and lots of cheese! There is also an ice rink, live music performances and cultural events throughout the festival.

Is Is the Strasbourg Christmas Market happening in 2021?

Yes. Opening dates are 26 November – 30 December 2021

This page is very helpful if you visit Strasbourg with a motorhome!

Want to hang out with other activities at the Christmas Market? Why not rent / bring your motorhome or camper and go motorhome skiing!

The other best and biggest Christmas markets in Europe to visit this year

Aerial view of the Christmas market in Munich, Germany.
One of the largest and best Christmas markets in Europe – Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

Ahhh, Munich. My first Christmas market in Europe and it was awesome! The sheer sheer size (scattered throughout the city of Munich), the amount of food and beer, and everyone’s happiness were completely intoxicating.

Visit a large Christmas market in Munich. It’s not too big and there’s something for everyone. The main courtyard is full of your traditional themed stalls, bratwurst, glohuin, crepes, waffles and beer. The huge Christmas tree is a fantastic backdrop to all the festivities, and you should stop and look at Glakenspeel while you are there too.

We also loved the Munich Medieval Christmas Market, which was a lot of fun and if you were looking for that perfect gift while touring one of the best Christmas markets in Germany, there was a different range of stalls and products.

Date Munich Christmas Market in 2021

November 22 to December 24, 2021

The vibrant and beautifully decorated Copenhagen Christmas Market in Tivoli Gardens.
One of the best and largest Christmas markets in Europe – Tivoli Garden, Copenhagen

Tivoli Garden, Copenhagen, Denmark

The largest Christmas market in Denmark, Copenhagen, is in Tivoli Gardens. Every year, they use more than 120,000 Christmas lights !! (Just think of the electricity bill !!!)

I love the backdrop of this Copenhagen Christmas market as opposed to the sea, canal and lake water – the whole city sparkles. There are about 100 stalls here and you will find a unique Nordic range of gifts, clothing and food!

There are also fairground rides and light shows in the park and there is often live music.

December 13 is St. Lucia Day, where girls carry candles and sing a procession through the city.

The Copenhagen Christmas market is approximately the same as the entrance to the Tivoli Garden. 20

Is Will Tivoli Christmas Market open in 2021?

19 November – 02 January 2022

Winter Wonder Christmas Market in Brussels, Belgium, one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe.
One of the largest Christmas markets in Europe – Brussels, Belgium

Winter Wonder, Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is the wonder of winter The biggest Christmas market in Begum And they all have the best party atmosphere! There are over 200 bars that serve glue, craps, bratwurst and of course lots and lots of Belgian beer!

The wonders are spread over different areas of Brussels and include a ferris wheel, ice skating, light shows and a huge Christmas tree that mesmerizes 2.5 million Christmas visitors!

If you have never been. Brussels is a beautiful European city anyway, but the real attraction of one of the best Christmas markets in Europe is that you get a chance to see the… wrong… smurfs ?? !!! (No, I have no idea why they attract stars – but they do!)

When Will the Brussels Winter Wonder Christmas Market open in 2021?

I can’t find any definite date for 2021 but some websites are reporting from 26 November 2021 to 2 January 2022

Beautiful Christmas market and stalls in Rathusplatz, Vienna, Austria.
Austria’s best and largest Christmas market – Rathusplatz

Rathusplatz in Vienna, Austria

In Vienna Austria’s largest Christmas market And receives about 3.5 million visitors every year! There is a ferris wheel, a fair ground ride, an ice skating rink and hundreds of stalls selling gifts and food. They have one of the best light displays in Europe!

What what Date of Vienna Christmas Market 2021?

There are several markets in Vienna and not everyone is sure, but a fair guide for 2021 is Friday, November 12 to Sunday, December 26, 2021.

Most markets are open at noon (some open at 10 a.m.) and close at 9 p.m.

So, which city is home to the best Christmas market in Europe?

I’m sorry, but I have no way of making this decision. I am extremely You are recommended to visit all of them And decide for yourself. And then let me know!

But seriously, don’t worry too much. Just choose one. If you are driving, choose the cheapest flights, or the best deal or the one closest to you! (Heck, if you’re driving, you can see them all and take a real road trip from it!

Either way, you will have a great time. I promised.

Merry Christmas!

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