A Bank of America customer says he transferred hundreds of dollars from his account before he became aware of the system outage – claim funds cannot be identified (exclusive)

On Friday, Bank of America faced a dilemma that put thousands of customers at a disadvantage.

We spoke exclusively to a Bank of America customer, a Nashville resident who told us he has not been able to use his debit card since this morning.

Reporting that services will be available again within 90 minutes, the customer says he is still unable to use his card after about 8 hours.

“The representative told me they told him minutes at 10am[.] Now, it’s all day. He said, ‘Sorry, there’s nothing left’. He could tell me. “

The customer did not realize that there was a confusion until he tried to transfer ০০ 70,000 from his Wells Fargo account using the Jail app. But the money was not deposited in his Bank of America account.

“So I transferred money from my Wells Fargo thinking I was crazy I did it through jail.” He continued, “I have 700 here. For example, I did not go to Wells Fargo Bank or to BOA.

He was told the funds could be returned to his Wells Fargo account, once things were out.

At this point, he is still unable to use his debit card or use the jail app.

He added that he had not received an email about the disruption. But some tweeted a notice from the website saying they were “aware” of the problems and “working to improve the situation as soon as possible.”

People on Twitter echoed the same frustration. Someone wrote, “The Bank of America app isn’t working and telling me I don’t have an account.”

Another shared, “The Bank of America app is not working on the day when all bills are paid.”

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