A contestant annoyed with everyone and the last exterminated two lovers see ‘Love Lock Off!’

Roommates, steaks are much more than before and things are becoming real, as only six contestants remain in “Love Locked” to find their eternal match. During this week’s episode of “Love Locked” the topics became quite heated during the verbal debate between the contestants who saw that a single woman was calling everyone else.

The episode begins with Tokyo verbally unloading on all the other contestants in the game, including those who have already left the “Love Locked” home. The conversation becomes particularly exciting when Tokyo calls Jamie and Kelsey again – the same two women he picked up last week.

He takes things one step further and scolds the physical appearance of Jamie and Kelsey when he reveals that he thinks they are “fake”. Meanwhile, the other three seem to be sitting out of the drama, as contestants are waiting for the results of who will go home this week.

You will recall that last week women were given the responsibility that the discovery of breaking a contract from men was important enough to send them packing and that question was finally answered. An amazing turn, two contestants who were previously seen as runners had to say goodbye to their “love locked” house forever and only two couples were left.

So, who do you think will leave as the winner of “Love Locked”? Don’t forget to tune in to next week’s season finals to find out! You can watch new episodes of “Love Locked” every Monday at 5pm!

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