A customer reacts virally to Joyda Shaves’ frustration over new product line

On Tuesday, a viral video of a customer reviewing Joyda Chev’s merchant line “Waida Min” went viral. While expressing his love for Joydar, the customer shared his frustration with the product.

According to the customer, who complained that he spent more than 140 140 for the product, the dress was not long enough. The customer further said that you can still see the iron of the transfer mark on the jacket.

The customer also talked about the pockets and clothing components that he bought from the new merchant line.

Once the video went viral, Joyda Shaves posted on her IG story and said, “The business you’re going to break is out of my reach. But it’s cool. The good most definitely outweigh[s] Bad, ”he added.

“And most of my customers are 100% satisfied and speak very highly of the quality we offer. Not everything is for everyone and I sell exactly what I’ve been promoting since I first mentioned my new line.

Joyda added, “I like all the feedback and you are constructively critical.”

Joyda concludes with the message, “New drops coming soon! We’re just getting better[.] Wedamin. “

Joyda further mentioned that the customer never emailed her, but the customer opposed that claim. He kept a copy of an alleged email sent to Joydar’s party, explaining his frustration with the clothes he received.

The customer also confirmed an update saying, “They contacted me. I can’t return it so I guess it’s an exception to any return policy.”

Some Rumi commented on the situation, “Girl! We’re tearing Kylie to make room for you. Don’t hit the alley right now … own that shot and fix it!”

Another wrote, “Babu he spent his money and supported you, it missed the mark. Reach out and fix it, it’s not love.”

One person added, “Girl we still love you.”

It was good to see that Joydar’s team was able to satisfy the customer.

What are your thoughts on this?

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