A day in the life of Neil Francis

He can remember as long as Neil Francis played the piano and always dreamed of being a musician. “Our first piano was in the dining room. I loved performing for my family or for those who would stand and watch, ”he says. “My mother and father had a huge influence on my tastes. They both love music and it’s always played in our house. “

His much awaited Sofmore album, Plain vision, The singer / songwriter’s unique musical genre-mix undoubtedly proved to be one of the best releases of the year with addiction. In his own words, his sound summarizes: “Soul, R&B, funk, rock, disco, psychedelia, classical: all of those in a mix. I usually tell people it’s rock n roll. Glide funk. “

An enchanted performer, he’s having such a good time, you’re almost ignoring he’s a gifted person on the keys. Plain visionNeil’s way of inviting you to the party এবং and it’s one you definitely don’t want to miss. The layers of sound have a nostalgia, mixed with a certain novelty. Get ready to play shit from it.

Plain visionThe time of the epidemic has come.I was stuck in the house like everyone else. We built a studio in the church where I lived and recorded on tape. As the sessions progressed, so did our start time, and so on, until the end, almost all of our recordings were done at night. “

If asked which one Plain visionThe track is his favorite, he says: “The song‘ Slip ’is very special to me. I’m proud of the song, and I won’t forget to write it. My girlfriend and I were in our basement studio and I was playing with some ideas on the keyboard. The melody began to take shape and he said he really liked it. It was already 11:00 so he went to bed, and I finished the song when he was asleep. When he woke up I played him a full demo! ”

Here is a day in the life of Neil Francis (travel).

Date September 26, 2021

When I wake up 8:30 am (A luxurious late start to travel.)

It starts with every day Stretching, meditation, coffee.

Breakfast consists of Coffee, fruit.

I always get to go Take a bath and drink coffee if you have time.

I don’t like it without clothes My watch. A kind of necklace.

I must before I start working Stretch, meditate and eat.

Currently working Practice tonight for Shore.

But I really want to be Jumping into Lake Michigan.

The book I am reading Love during choleraBy Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

I don’t know how anyone ever Makes time for video games.

If I had to play an album over and over again, it would Insight By Stevie Wonder.

Consists of the perfect midday The day.

I need help to get through the day Breathing. Drink. Eat good food.

Not a day goes by without talking My dawgs [band], Our tour manager Jack.

My daydream consists of Random ideas, videos, theatrics, songs, jokes, memories. Good thoughts, bad thoughts.

In a perfect day, in a perfect world There will be peace and tranquility.

I will fight forever It is our right to party.

Currently in love Our van squirrel fancy.

Hoping to see in time Pigs, New Nicholas Cage film.

I am always by my bedside Why not read that book. My phone, which is also my alarm clock.

To help you spend the night I set the motel room AC unit to “constant fan” mode.

At bedtime I hope by 2 pm

When I think of tomorrow, it always is Excitement. I love that I can do it.

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