A day in the life of Spencer Murphy of The Velvetins

“I was really in the ’60s band at the time, and I thought’ Velvetins’ sounded somehow,” explained lead singer / guitarist Spencer Murphy. He and drummer Addison Hiller met “probably at the Wonderbar Venue” in Edmonton, Canada, about six years ago. True to their name, they create simple, notched cuts that classify Spencer as “very chill indie rock.” It has gained millions of streams and a growing global fan base.

Inspired by travel, and feeling “somewhat crazy and extra tired,” Spencer built a home studio in his bedroom, flipping the bed against the wall to accommodate Addison’s drum kit. “I had this old 4 track TEAC tape machine with a matching board from an old friend and went into test mode,” he said. “Addison will come then and we’ll find out all the ideas.”

“‘Make It Through’ is about losing people in your life,” Spencer explains, their latest single. “When I wrote this, I just found out that a friend had committed suicide, and I needed a song like ‘Make It Through’ to feel better. The chords sounded warm like a hug, and the poem was our It’s kind of about life, but it also acknowledges in a way that there is a huge world where other people are suffering. “

A day has come in Spencer’s life in The Velvetines.

Date December 1, 2021

It’s time to wake you upp 7:30 am

Every day starts with Some super strong coffee.

Breakfast consists of A beautiful pint of yogurt and flax heart.

I always get to go I have to muster the courage.

I don’t feel dressed with itOut of a toque or hat.

I must before I start working Eat food and stay in a place with plenty of natural light.

Currently working Various creative projects.

But I really want to be Somewhere within walking distance I can surf on a beach.

The book I am reading Homer Odyssey.

I don’t know how anyone ever Rose does spin classes.

If I had to play an album over and over again, it would Kinks’ Lola vs. Powerman and the MoneyGround, Part One.

Perfect midday A small cappuccino and a beautiful view.

I need to help get through the day To do some exercise.

Not a day goes by without talking My brother and sister.

My daydream consists of Europe.

In a perfect day, in a perfect world My VW bus won’t rust completely, and I’m listening to Harvest with a small cappuccino and some fried chicken.

I will fight forever My friends.

Currently in love My friends.

Hope to see you in time New Beatles Go back Session

I am always by my bedside Some water.

I’m here to help you spend the night Close my blinds and eyes.

At bedtime 11:00 pm

When I think of tomorrow, it’s always What’s on the menu?

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