A hugely successful season – the Utah Shakespeare Festival

The Utah Shakespeare Festival has ended a hugely successful season in 2021 with a large and grateful audience, eight shows full of artistic excellence and entertainment value and a financial surplus.

The festival was one of the very few professional theaters in the country to produce a full season. Executive producer Frank Mack noted that very few theaters across the country have “completed a season like ours and I am grateful to everyone who has come and worked to make it possible.”

“It was a successful year on every front. Our presence was like a normal year, which is incredible in all conditions around the season, ”Mack said. “The productions were just as great as before – which is equally amazing.”

“It was a great season and we are extremely grateful that we were able to produce safely and successfully this year,” added Dr. Brian Watabe, Chair of the Festival Board of Governors.

About 85,00 tickets were sold in 300 performances from June 21 to October 9. After a year-long holiday due to the epidemic, many patrons are happy to be back at the festival and reunite with family and friends for the excitement of live theater.

“It was a matter of pure joy to produce again after the Darkness of 2020, as we celebrated our 60th anniversary and in recognition of our founder, Fred C. Adams,” Mack said. “It has been very rewarding to see our wonderful audience again in our beautiful field, and it has paid off for the amazing, dedicated work of our staff and seasonal companies and volunteers.”

“It’s always a pleasure to meet friends and guests from near and far on the beautiful campus of the University of Southern Utah and to experience the magic of the Utah Shakespeare Festival,” agreed SUU President Mindy Benson. “A year after the live theater, this season was particularly meaningful. Rather than celebrate the 60th season of the festival and bring the audience back to our community safely, founder Fred C. There was no better way to remember Adams. “

From watching the toddlers champ at the time Greenshow The audience burst into spontaneous applause to watch Pirates of Penzance Tears are flowing Ragtime, The season was an amazing artistic success.

“If gratitude were a currency, we would be the richest theater in the world. Whenever I talked to a sponsor entering one of our theaters or leaving a production, they told me how grateful they were that a season was created. In addition, the industry that came to our stage this year was incredible, ”said Don Jersey, Director of Development and Communications.

Artistic director Brian Vaughn added, “Thank you, thank you and thank you so much to the thousands of people who have joined us for our 60th anniversary season.” “We are incredibly proud of the work that was on display and incredibly grateful to the hundreds of artists and volunteers who have brought it up against such challenging adversity. It’s great to be back. “

The season was also a financial success for the festival which is doing a surplus project for 2021 and is in a good position to create another fantastic season featuring 2022 King Lear, The Sound of Music And Sweeney Todd – The first musical instrument presented at the Outdoor Engelstadt Theater. The 2022 season is also included Clue, All right that’s good ending, tempest, trouble, And Thargood, As well as three new, original versions Greenshow. Tickets are on sale at www.bard.org or by calling 1-800-PLAYTIX.

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