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However, Rogers and Santiago’s plans for a brilliant 10-episode long relationship “broke up” when they read the second episode’s script, which featured — Spoiler alert! িস্টMr. Big (a funeral for)Chris Nath) To keep the story shrouded in mystery, they referred to it as a “black phenomenon,” Rogers revealed, adding, “there was explosive color.”

Delivering the fashion moments that fans want to see, as well as navigating how to keep Carrie in mourning at the same time, Stanford (the late) Willie Garson) Episode, where he says, “I’m so proud of her. She’s going through everything, pulling it together and watching us today, because people will expect it. She’s kind of us. Jackie Kennedy

“I think that line really lightened the moment,” Rogers said. “There was a big smile with the whole audience at the premiere. It helped reduce the excitement.”

For the funeral, Carrie wore a vintage short black dress with a ticap silhouette, V-neckline and a full lace skirt. In Bradshaw fashion, she paired it with a pearl clutch, a black headpiece, and a white caged leather pump. “The big thing about the script was that she was dressed for Big,” Rogers said. “He wasn’t shocked. He was thinking about how he wanted to present himself at the event, so we were able to style it.”

But Carrie’s shock was fully evident when she went to the funeral home with Charlotte. Although the two ladies were dressed in the same color, they could not look any different.

Rogers shared, “Charlotte was beautifully combined in pink and Carrie was the emotional wreckage of the oversized pink coat.” We haven’t changed that. She’s just got a little crunchy and her clothes are kind of sad because they don’t fit. “

And a key element of Carrie’s grief came from Parker himself.

“She has the same jewelry as the jewelry from the recitation,” Rogers revealed. “These little details were very important to Sarah Jessica, ‘What would I do? I wouldn’t change the earrings, I wouldn’t take them out.’ This little detail, he hoped to track us down. “

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