After meeting Chris Brown on the Millennium Tour, Lizo Trends and calls him her “favorite.”

Meeting your loved one can be an overwhelming moment. While some people are frozen by their nerves, others let them relax! It’s safe to say that Lizo fits the next class after meeting Chris Brown for the first time in recent times.

As previously reported, the Millennium Tour began Friday night in Los Angeles after several delays due to the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic. Although it’s only in three days, the iconic tour has already snatched several titles, including the reunion of Lil Phiz and Omrian.

Lil Fitz apologized to Omrion on stage for previously dating April Jones, although he never mentioned her directly. He spoke to Omrion’s family, saying, “I’ve done some f ** ked up sh * t with my brother. Some snakes a ** sh * t, and I’m not proud of it. So I want to say here, between you and your family. I humbly and sincerely apologize to you for any disturbance or disturbance.

Now, this is not the only link-up that is buzzing on social media. In a video of less than 30 seconds, Lizo and Chris are seen shaking on the back stage at the Millennium Tour’s Los Angeles stop.

Lizo asked Chris, “Can I have a picture with you?”

Chris was here for her and got a position with Lizo. When one of his friends tried to slide for the moment, Lizo jokingly took him aside and said, “Hold on.”

Although the moment is intended to be light hearted, some people are looking at the complete opposite. Responses on Twitter include users criticizing Lizo for his affection for Chris – given his history of domestic violence with Rihanna. As previously reported, Lizo walked and performed in the SavageXfanti volume. 2 shows in October 2020.

For example, the following Twitter users have questioned Lizo’s loyalty.

Twitter user lo_loveRachel_ wrote, “Lizo All Fangerlin and Chris Brown are probing. Even if she’s not a celebrity, don’t hesitate to let her go to her department at the club.”

“Lizo’s favorite man is Chris Brown,” wrote Twitter user Timthespecialk. “Okay, he can join Addison Roy’s offensive and toxic men’s sculpting club and be proud of it.

Meanwhile, other users have defended the rights of Lizo’s fan-girl on whom she wants.

Twitter user Ran Frank Twigs wrote, “I know you’re not canceling Lizo when all your loved ones have shared a feature with Chris Brown in the last five years.”

“You’re not beating Lizo for being with Chris Brown, but you’re still praising Chris Brown,” wrote Twitter user @Tibeler.

As of Sunday evening, neither Lizo nor Chris Brown had responded to comments.

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