After the police closed the reform bill discussion, supporters expressed frustration, blaming

The frustration and frustration created after Democrats and Republican lawmakers failed to come to an agreement on the long-awaited police reform bill, which was fueled by death George Floyd And many more black people in the hands of law enforcement.

The purpose of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act was to disrupt police practice which in part leads to the tragic deaths of people of color and is believed to be a powerful driver behind the support of the President. Joe Biden And vice president Orange Harris By African Americans in the 2020 election. But the collapse of the talks is a push for the administration, which is committed to prioritizing police reform, and it makes supporters wonder how effective the Biden / Harris administration can ultimately be in fulfilling its campaign and subsequent promises.

“We are incredibly frustrated and disappointed that the U.S. Senate was unable to pass Justice George Floyd Justice on policing law,” he said. Jacqueline Harris“When the bill passed in March, we were cautiously hopeful that the Senate would respect the will of the people, but that has not yet happened,” the executive director of the George Floyd Memorial Foundation said in a statement.

Benjamin KrumpThe chief lawyer for Floyd’s family, who stood by them at the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Dark Chauvin, convicted of his murder, also expressed frustration.

“We cannot allow this to be a tragic, lost opportunity to regain confidence between citizens and the police,” Kramp said in a statement with fellow attorney Antonio Ramanucci. “We strongly urge Democratic senators to bring George Floyd to the floor to vote on the Justice in Policing Act so that Americans can see who is looking out for the best interests of their community and who is willing to listen to their electoral material so that we can work together. The country is on a better, more just path for all. “

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The two parties could not agree on changes related to how police would communicate with the public. According to CBS News, a proposal made by Democrats Sen. Corey Booker And Republican Keron lives Sen. Tim Scott, Proposing the adoption of an executive order by the Trump administration that would bring a standard of national recognition, a chokehold and no-knock warrant ban, limits on the transfer of military equipment to the police department, and a complaint database.

“Efforts from the beginning have been police reform that will increase professionalism, police reform that will create a lot more transparency, and then police reform that will create accountability and we can’t come to an agreement on those three big areas,” Booker said, according to CBS News.

Scott, however, blamed the Democrats for holding the bill until negotiations with them finally broke down.

Scott wrote in a statement, “After months of progress, I am deeply disappointed that Democrats have again missed an important opportunity to implement meaningful reforms to secure our neighborhoods and correct the weak relationship between law enforcement and the color community. “Crime will continue to rise as security declines, and more officers are leaving the force because my negotiating partners have left the table.”

The move received nothing more than talks between the two parties, much to the annoyance of many, including the NAACP president Derrick Johnson, Who exploded the result.

“Unlike in any other year, when the American people spoke out, marched and demanded policing reforms, law enforcement unions and partisan politicians decided to stand on the wrong side of history,” Johnson said in a press release. “They have chosen to stand with those who have killed all those who killed them to protect and serve them.”

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Others who are keen for the bill to succeed have also expressed their frustration but said they are determined to achieve the police reform sought in the law.

President Biden, meanwhile, said he would look at possible executive steps to make police reform a reality, and he criticized the GOP for the bill’s failure.

In a White House press release, Biden said, “Unfortunately, Senate Republicans have rejected the general reform proposal, which the previous president also supported, while many law enforcement officials have refused to take action on important issues that many are willing to address.” “The White House will continue to consult with the civil rights and law enforcement community, as well as the families of the victims, to chart a course of action in which I can take further executive action as possible to advance our efforts to live up to American ideals. Equal justice under the law. ”

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