After the recent fight against Fat Joe, Ja Rule applauded 50 percent of the comments – “Eminem made you!”

The never-ending beef between Roommates, Ja Rule and 50 Cents has recently become hot, thanks to the recent battle between Ja Rule and Fat Joe. The remarks made by Irv Gotti during the hit-for-hit battle between Ja Rule and Fat Joe, when he mentioned 50 percent who responded and threw shots at Ja Rule, Ja fired back with his own remarks.

When appearing on the “Big Tiger Morning Show” to address 50 percent of the latest verbal responses, Ja Rule did not lower the words:

“You know, the Fed’s strategy, that’s what they do, they treated us like criminal mobs. And when they do, what they do is they suck all your wealth. They shut you down financially. They open your bank account, they take all your assets, they confiscate everything so you can’t fight.

So how do you think I’m fighting a battle, I’m fighting a real battle! And then, above all, come on, I’m fighting seventeen rappers. Not that I was just fighting [50 Cent]. He likes to throw his hat on her like he guys, people, stop. Eminem made you, made you. You are nothing but a king white boy. Shut up! “

It all started when IRV responded to social media comments during the fight between Goti Ja Rule and Fat Joe, saying, “Everyone is talking for 50 seconds **. All is well. He was beaten, stabbed, shot and sued us.” That’s all I can say. Your hero is not what you think he is. Period. And events. “

It was only a matter of time before getting 50 cents comment air and hit back. Once he realized what was being said about him he posted on social media “I am trending for that, I said I am not doing what they are doing. I put their entire label out of business, f ** k with me if you want. If I hadn’t I would have stayed out of my way. Ha ha ha. “

We wonder if these two will ever settle everything for once.

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