Ahmed Arberry will not face mental health trial – Judge limits his mental health record (Special Details)

TSR EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: The judge in Ahmed Arberry’s case struck just another blow to the defense before the trial of his alleged killers, Gregory and Travis McMahon, in just a few weeks.

Judge Timothy Walmasley ruled on Friday that Ahmed Arberry’s mental health records could not be used as evidence by the defense. The decision further limited the defense attorneys’ efforts to present Ahmed in a negative light, as Walmsley also ruled that they could not use his troubled past as evidence.

According to court documents obtained by The Shed Room, the judge ruled that Ahmed’s medical privacy must be protected, and even to the point of death, Ahmed’s right to privacy affects the defendants’ Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights.

According to the document, the defendants argued that Ahmed’s mental health diagnosis, if left untreated, explains why he leaned towards Travis McMichael during their fight. In addition, the judge further noted that the medical records that the defense seeks to present as evidence are one visit to a hospital and the supposed “diagnosis” came from a registered nurse who had not even received mental health training.

“There is no evidence that the victim was suffering from any mental health problems, or otherwise had a putrefaction,” wrote Judge Walmsley. “Instead, it appears that the defense seeks to use the records to create relevant” other work “evidence that this court has already ruled out.”

In addition, he wrote, “The ‘diagnosis’ was made by a registered nurse who was not formally trained in mental health but instead took an ‘online’ course that she would click on, and then gave a brief test at the end of this.” RN was asked to question Arberry and bring a mental health diagnosis.A nurse practitioner along the gateway met with Arbori for half an hour the same day, and then confirmed RN’s diagnosis and gave him a prescription.There was no follow-up. No, there was no response from Arberry, or any continued treatment that was accurate in this ‘diagnosis’ or the prescription was helpful in any way. ”

In just a few weeks, McMichales, along with their friend William “Roddy” Brian, will stand trial for Ahmed’s murder, which took place in February 2020. The men are accused of chasing Ahmed because he was jogging their neighbor and shot him dead after confronting him because they allege he could have burglarized a house a few weeks ago.

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