Akbar V shared a series of tweets about the title “Queen of Atlanta”

What will the real “Queen of Atlanta” stand for ?! Locals and residents work hard with everything connected to the name of the city when it comes to Atlanta. Whether it’s sports, entertainment, food, or culture in general, ATLiens is very proud. When it comes to the title “Queen of Atlanta”, the self-proclaimed Queen Akbar V thinks the title is hers.

She entered the scene after Akbar spoke out loud about being the queen, but today she left a tweet series about the title and revealed that her upcoming title would be named, you guessed it, “Queen of Atlanta.” “Real S ** t I am dropping #QueenOfAtlanta on October 22nd. I’m in my bag. To all the beautiful queens in Atoll-rap, keep going. We are all Queens. It’s more of a ** than saying who’s the queen and who’s not. There are plenty of queens in Atlanta. ”

Akbar is not done yet. He continued to tweet that he felt his talent had been overshadowed and revealed how he needed a team that would help keep him 100% in music instead of drama. In the past, Akbar ate beef with Lightskinskaisher, and more recently, with Alexis Sky and Khiar. However, when tweeting, he took responsibility for his actions.

The conversation apparently came as 21 Savage announced Lato as the “Queen of the A” on Instagram. Ironically, it doesn’t seem to bother Akbar at all with the word 21. Akbar seems to be turning a new page and saying that he no longer wants to cut women off and he wants to improve them. Talking about promoting others, he mentioned his problem with Lightskin Cashier, noting that he wanted to learn how to improve women when they were going there and how it broke their friendship.

At the end of his tweet series, he announced that he would not let the same thing happen between him and Latto. So far, Latto has not responded to Akbar, but if he does, we will keep you updated. Roommates, are you checking out Akbar’s upcoming album?

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