Akon shares Kelly’s thoughts on conviction বলেছেন says he has the right to be acquitted

R earlier this week. Many have been sharing their thoughts on the situation since the verdict was announced, and Akon was recently asked about his thoughts.

TMZ LAX catches up with Akon and asks him about R. Kelly’s guilty verdict, and if he thinks R. Kelly can acquit himself by following his actions.

Akon replied, “I believe God does nothing wrong. People can argue back and forth all day, but if it happens to him, it is bound to happen to him for whatever reason. That’s why God is going because it’s going down. Now he has something that he needs to have in himself so that he can re-evaluate his whole life, the way he lives. To be caught in such a situation, whatever happens, is between him and God. ”

“There’s always a way to free yourself,” Akon added. “But you must first acknowledge the fact that you are wrong or in a position for that particular purpose and why you are there in the first place.”

E.g. Previously A jury on Monday found Kelly guilty of all counts of engaging in sexual activity with young women under the age of five, reports said. Over the years, he has received help from team members such as managers and assistants who have not interfered in his activities.

Along with many of the allegations that spanned his career, Lifetime Documentaries “Surviving R.” Many of the alleged victims in the series have also testified against Kelly in court.

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TSR Staff: Z Ashley @ Z_Ashley4

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