Alexis Sky says Brandon Medford Flex like he is a ‘man of God’ but is missing from their daughter’s life তিনি he denies it (exclusive)

Alexis Sky had a time today when he blew up his daughter Alaya Grace’s father for allegedly possessing a ghost.

In a long message he shared on his Instagram story, Alexis claimed Lee’s father – businessman Brandon Medford – was not present in their child’s life, while praying to God to bless him with someone who could go to work.

“I pray to God [puts] I was so calm and quiet to be the right “man” in my life and a good man to be my daughter’s father but enough is enough you can’t force a man to love his child better, ”Alexis Sky started the message.

He continued, “I’ve blamed myself a lot and I can own it but my daughter is pure and innocent she’s not worthy to look out the window to tell me to come. Dad calls me again and Dad is attracted to the world as he is this man of God Living [you’re] Didn’t miss his birthday. ”

He further claimed that he “never called” while 3-year-old Alaiya was in the hospital and that he only saw her a few times while complimenting her other children.

Alexis reiterated that she suspected he was ashamed of their daughter that she was disabled.

“Are you embarrassed for him? OD God will remove everything from you. Before your kids arrive, “Alexis Sky” ends the message by signing in to Alaiya Ma.

In another message, Alexis Sky claims that he is tired of both the parents of their baby girl.

Brandon Medford spoke to us exclusively, denying Alexis ‘claims and saying that he was “100%” in Alia’s life but did not resolve any of Alexis’ specific claims. Despite what he said, Brandon said there was no need to delete his name.

“I will never hurt or slander anyone. No matter how wrong they may be, they may even make false accusations against me, ”Brandon told us. “It simply came to our notice then. I put all my faith in God and let him lead the way. ”

“No one wins if there is a family quarrel,” he added.

We hope these kids will resolve their differences for their child! We will post you an update.

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