Amazon Prime Video asks you to take a break this Diwali and spend time with your loved ones

When everything seems dull, everyone goes back to art. Name a boring day, a fifteen minute lunch break, a free weekend, a holiday এবং and we’ve found a way to bank on online content to put a smile on our face, get us emotional, and sometimes even thrill. Binging is no longer a thing, it is a way of life and a big contribution to our streaming habits from Prime Video. Prime Video is a mini-world with various films and shows that we take with us.

Since the festive season comes with some long breaks and work holidays, we’re looking for plenty of leisure time to catch up on what’s new on the web. But Prime Video is here for you to press the break button this Diwali and spend your time with your loved ones Instead, follow all necessary health and safety protocols. To get on board for this campaign, Prime Video has two of the most famous characters, Kalin Bhaiya from Mirzapur and Siddhi from four more shots please! Talk about the importance of stopping binge and enjoying the company of your family and friends.

Features of Pankaj Tripathi alias Kalen Vaiyar In a movie and its fans have to say, “I am grateful to my fans who have given me so much love over the last few years. I am truly humble in all the adoration I have received from them. However, on this Diwali, I would like to tell my fans that Kalen Bhai would love to spend time with their family. Diwali gives us the opportunity to connect with our loved ones and increase the joy of the festival while spending time with them. Kalen Bhaiya and many of your favorite characters will be appearing in Prime videos tomorrow and every day, but Diwali should be about family and friends. “

Manbi Gagru alias Siddhi also said about the importance of friendship, “I always believe in the power of friendship and think that festivals come alive when we spend them with our friends and of course with family. I was happy to attend the campaign because it conveys a moving message. In two years, we’ve all realized the value of family and friends, and this festive season should give us the opportunity to thank them – from prime video to your on-screen friends while being responsible and safe, we will, There is always for you! “

So here is a streaming service to share the right message in this Diwali. Break And create new memories with your loved ones instead!

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