Amber Rose and her ex Alex Edwards trade dirty subs on social media

Amber Rose has been showing off since her breakup with her youngest son Slash’s father, Alex “this” Edwards.

After years of dating and having one child, Amber exposed the music executive for cheating on her with at least 12 women. These were claims that AE did not necessarily deny.

During an August interview, AE admitted that he was caught cheating with Amber and this is probably not the first time.

“I love him like my best friend,” he continued. “My son’s mother and I love my step-son Bash, and you know it too. It’s just me, sh * t I like women.

He continues to explain that once Amber finds out about other women he has a relationship with, he decides to reach out to them and perhaps apologize to her for being a fan of another woman.

After the initial drama and a few sexy posts from Amber to let people know she’s back on the street, their drama seems to have calmed down this weekend when AE comedian Lil Duval reposted a tweet to her Instagram story.

The tweet read, “Sometimes being cheated is a blessing in disguise. Because if they don’t catch you, you’re probably still with the wrong person.

AE added the word “plan god’s plan” to the post and referred to Duval as a goat with a goat emoji.

Many people, including Amber Rose, believing it was directed at Amber, fired back with a repost of her own.

The post reads, “You can find people.

We hope it can keep the citizens for these two kids!

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