Amber Rose shared a message about her resurrected tweet

Oops! Push the internet again! People have revived a 2015 tweet from Amber Rose where she called Yeh and Kardashians. Amber tweeted, “ানিCanwest, I’ll leave it up to the Carthaginians to insult you when they work with you.” If you think about it, Amber and Yay retreated to Twitter after her comments on The Breakfast Club. In the interview, Yeh said, “It’s hard for a woman to want to be with someone who is with Amber Rose. I had to take a bath 30 times before going with Kim.” There was a lot of talk on Twitter about the timing of Yeh and Kim Kardashian’s drama yesterday. As we reported earlier, she shared a video claiming that Kim had stopped her from celebrating their daughter Chicago West’s 4th birthday.

In the video, she says, “I’m just wishing my daughter a happy birthday. I was not allowed to know where his party was. It’s not legal. It says it’s the kind of game that’s being played. “You ended up at the party, but many were in favor of Amber’s old tweet, saying she was right. However, Amber disagreed.

Today he cleared the air in a long Instagram post. “People are an old tweet. I never apologized for his “30 showers” comment but it’s true. I started my slot walk and helped millions of women around the world stand up for themselves against slot shaming, so something amazing came out of it. Neither Kim nor her sisters deserved that tweet, and neither should you. He was too old and immature for me to involve the Kardashians in the mess he made. Moving forward … learn from my mistakes. We all have kids and my family, for many people life is hard enough now. I just want to say spread love and positivity – Mova. “

Roommates, what are you thinking about apologizing?

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