Analine McCord on how Dominic Parcel helped her recover from trauma

Host at one stage during the interview Marissa Sullivan McCord was asked who was the first man to show him “more beautiful qualities” and “broke down that wall.”

“A very, very violently strong man,” McCord replied quoting Dominic Parcel.

The 90210 Alum and Prison break The actor first spread rumors of romance in 2011. They broke up in 2014 and 2014 but reunited in 2016 and separated again in 2018.

“That man has many reasons to be my man forever,” McCard said. “Literally, he’s staying at my house right now. We’re not together … we’re family now.”

McCord said Parcel also “spent a lot of time as a child” and said he had “changed everything” for her.

“A lot of the time we attract what we have. Back to me,” he said. “Different versions of the same thing that happened to him happened to me and vice versa. Dom made room for me but he called me fk out. He didn’t take the bull and so I trusted him. I didn’t trust any male power, I I didn’t trust any men because I thought, ‘I’m going to press every F-King button of yours.

“You’re pulling people out of that magnetic field,” McCard said.

“There was a sexual aspect that was inherent that pulled us in,” he added, and we had explosive sex.

Click here to listen to McCord’s full interview.

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