As R. Kelly’s trial drew to a close, a lawyer for the singer said, R. Kelly was a civil rights icon. Like Martin Luther King Jr.

The New York Post reports that Defense Attorney Daverax Canic told the judges that Kelly is prosecuting that he was found guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Quoting Canic King’s “I went to Mountaintop” speech, Justice Dr. telling King protested on the streets across America because the then government was not fair and true to all citizens.

“Somewhere, I read about freedom of speech. Somewhere I read about freedom of assembly. Somewhere I read about the freedom of the press, ”Kanick quoted Raja from his historic address.

Kanik added that Raja led the civil rights movement in an effort to make the government “true to what is on paper”.

“That’s what Robert is trying to do,” Kanick said.

Canic also fired for prosecutors, saying their case was flawed and that by accusing them they were encouraging witnesses to lie on the stand, confusing judges and making a false statement.

“He didn’t have to hire women,” Kanick said. “That’s what they’re talking about.”


Prosecutors allege that R. Kelly sexually abused several teenagers, including the late Alia, whom he married illegally when he was just 15 years old.

Drake recently heated up in his criminal trial to sample Kelly’s song on “Certified Lover Boy”. You can read about it here.

If convicted, Kelly could face up to 10 years in prison.

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