And. Kelly will not testify during the sex trafficking trial National

Wednesday (September 22), And. Kelly Told a judge that he would not take the position of witness in his New York sex trafficking trial.

According to Assistant Printing Press, U.S. District Judge Ann Conley R&B asked the singer about the status of testifying in his own defense.

“You don’t want to testify, okay?” Before Kelly answered, Connelly said: “Yes, madam.”

Kelly’s lawyers had already advised him not to testify on his own behalf. The news comes as the singer’s legal team is expected to rest their case after bringing a few witnesses to the stand on Wednesday and later Tuesday, clearing the way for the closing argument to begin.

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The defense case relied on a relatively small number of witnesses, including former employees and Kelly’s associates, who agreed to take a stand in an attempt to discredit allegations that he sexually abused women, girls and boys during his 30-year musical career.

Defense called its final witness on Wednesday, Julius Darrington, Who worked with Kelly in production capacity for several years. He testified that Kelly was the first major artist he had ever worked with and that he had never seen a singer abuse his girlfriend or put her against their will. Further, he said that they were wearing “normal clothes” when he occasionally went with them on shopping trips with Kelly.

Most defense witnesses have claimed that they have never seen Kelly abused, but one has admitted that he owed her for a break in music and wanted her to lose the case.

In contrast, the prosecution has called dozens of witnesses since Kelly’s trial in New York began on August 1. Several women and two men allege that Kelly used a team of managers, bodyguards and assistants to recruit victims for his shows, restaurants and malls. Gender

And Kelly is currently on federal trial in Brooklyn on charges of running a criminal enterprise where employees recruited women and girls for him for abuse and sexual harassment. The singer has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

With a CBS News report.

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