And. The former has shared helpful articles about misbehaving with ‘girlfriends’

Upset singer during the ongoing federal criminal trial And. KellyOn Wednesday (September 15), prosecutors questioned questions about the letter, text and video recovered by investigators from his Trump Tower home and a storage facility in Chicago.

Special Representative Ryan Chabot Evidence testified, including a letter of apology from Kelly to alleged victims, described as “disrespectful” behavior and theft. Evidence included videos that the U.S. District Judge described Ann M. Donnelly The jury audio was released as “somewhat annoying”, but the media could not see or hear it.

In testimony since Tuesday, a former personal assistant to Kelly testified on Tuesday (September 1) about a text message he wrote about how the abusive singer misbehaved with his “girlfriends.”

In one message, Aliceet Mayweather Sent that the singer’s girlfriend, a Florida high school student identified as “Jane,” will run away. ” Internal Report

“When he goes to Florida, he should never come back. He should live the life of an 18-year-old high school senior,” Mayweather said, reading dozens of other articles he sent to his boss and other colleagues.

Mayweather expressed his concerns about Jane in May 2016 while she was caring for a teenager for Kelly. Jane slept all night on a tour bus and “looked rough” with “rash” eyes, Mayweather texted one of Kelly’s other staff.

Prosecutors have accused the R&B star of conducting a “criminal offense” of employees contracted to buy young women and girls for sexual offenses and sex work. The allegations involved six alleged victims who were filed in court.

During a trial in a Brooklyn courtroom, judges heard disturbing testimony that accused Kelly of sexual abuse and humiliation. He complained that he controlled young women in a culture-like environment where he punished them for breaking their rules.

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Part of the prosecutor’s case against Kelly relies on former staffers verifying the testimony of his defendants, New York Times The report confirmed certain instances of abuse of some of them young women and girls, sometimes reluctantly because they were loyal to their former boss.

Also on Tuesday, Nicholas WilliamsA former employee of Kelly who answered the phone at the singer’s Chicago studio testified that the singer often ordered “blackout periods.” This meant that staff were forbidden to come upstairs when Kelly entertained “very young” female guests.

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