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Friday (September 17), a former assistant And. Kelly He testified that he had once seen her having sex with one of the women who had been accused of abuse, including the beginning of a massage on the R&B singer.

“It was my indication that he was leaving,” he said Cheryl Mac, Mother of music makers London on the track. “I was very uncomfortable.” He said that when he left a backstage area at a Connecticut concert where Kelly was performing, he saw a glimpse of the woman as his head moved forward toward Kelly’s groin.

According to Reuters, Mac further complained that Kelly lost her temper in a separate incident in 2015 after she was thought to have ruined a glamorous party for the former stylist. Cough Howard, And he had signed a “letter of apology” that included false claims that he had received kickbacks from booking agents.

“I apologized for the fear,” Mack said.

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Evidence comes when prosecutors are close to presenting their case. Mack was the second to last witness in Kelly’s trial in New York, which entered its 18th day on Friday.

Several eyewitnesses testified that R. Kelly claimed that they would write an apology letter to free him from any misconduct, but that the prosecution could use psychological and psychological torture that eyewitnesses said Kelly wanted from those around him.

Friday was the final witness for the prosecutor Don Hughes, A clinical psychologist who provides information on how young girls can be prepared for sex, and how victims deal with trauma. Defense attorneys are expected to question him Monday.

And Kelly is currently on federal trial in New York on charges of running a criminal enterprise where employees recruited women and girls for abuse and sexual harassment. The singer has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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