Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn rested their case against the troubled R&B singer Monday (September 20th). And. Kelly Those who were his “girlfriends” after presenting shocking testimony within four weeks about the alleged sexual harassment and punishment of young women and girls.

The prosecutor rested after the 45th and final witness, Dr. Daw Don Hughes Was interrogated by the defense. Hughes, a clinical forensic psychologist, testified Friday (September 1) about how underage girls can be prepared for sex, and how victims can cope with trauma.

Kelly’s attorney asked Hughes if he had evaluated any of the defendants or reviewed the transcripts. Hughes replied that he was not in a cross-examination lasting only a few minutes on Monday morning.

Focus is now moving to Kelly’s legal team. According to New York Times, His attorney presented a list of about six witnesses but could add more names. Kelly was not expected to testify in his own defense.

On Monday, the group called their first witness, Dhani RamnanAn aspiring artist who worked periodically with Kelly said he had not seen Kelly physically or verbally abuse his girlfriends for 15 years as the singer advised him, as multiple girlfriends and former Kelly employees testified. He never denied that Kelly had restricted the freedom of his alleged victims or had any sexual contact with them.

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During the interrogation, Ramanon said he was not paid by Kelly and was not present on a daily basis. He further testified that the singer was never with Kelly when he was alone with his girlfriends.

After presenting their case, which is expected to last no more than a week, the judges will decide whether Kelly is guilty of running a criminal sex trafficking venture for more than two decades.

Kelly, 54, has not pleaded guilty to rape charges, including running an enterprise where a manager and other employees sexually assault her. If convicted on federal charges, the original fraudster alone faces up to 20 years in prison.

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