Andre Rison defends Raiders coach John Gruden amid racism scandal Sports

Andre Rison, Who played for the Oakland Raiders in 2002, says John GrudenThe former head coach of the Las Vegas Riders is not racist.

Among the racist, sexist and gay emails leaked from Gruden, Rison said TMZ“We all say things behind closed doors that we regret or we won’t say publicly. We all made mistakes.”

He continued, “I believe who he said and what he said and for whom he intended it, it was done for that person and for someone else.”

Reason also gave a direct message to Gruden, “You’ve already given this game some of the best tutoring and best leadership you can possibly give. Enjoy it with the rest of the Gruden family. “

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John Gruden officially resigned as head coach of the Las Vegas Riders, after he repeatedly used homophobic and mesogynistic language.

According to CBS Sports, Gruden was already under investigation by the NFL for a 2011 email in which he used a racial troupe to criticize the executive director of the NFL Players Association. Dimris Smith. Gruden also used foul language to describe the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

“I have resigned as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders,” Gruden, 58, said in a statement on Oct. 11. “I love riders and don’t want to be distracted. Thanks to all the players, coaches, staff. And fans of the rider nation. I’m sorry, I never wanted to hurt anyone.”

Owner of the aggressor Mark Davis Acceptance of Gruden’s resignation

New York Times It has been reported that Gruden’s controversial behavior extends beyond those comments. According to the newspaper, he “casually and frequently exposed lying and gay language” to insult NFL teammates from 2010 to 2018, when he rejoined the riders.

CBS Sports reported that the NFL was “waiting for the Raiders to take action” and was ready to take “action” if Las Vegas did not address the situation outside of public condemnation.

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