Anger after racist emails to black organizations at the University of Massachusetts

Students on the Amherst campus of the University of Massachusetts were outraged after the school sent an email to various black organizations with offensive and racist content. Newsweek.

Vice-Chancellor Nefiti Walker Has issued a statement (September 25) condemning the email that was leaked. “It’s disgusting,” he said in a statement posted on Twitter. I feel for our students. I give it my all. All my time and energy. ”

In a statement, Walker called the content of the email “inferior, racist and violently offensive.” “Since hearing these incidents, we have launched a multi-unit collaborative investigation into the heinous acts. We have also created opportunities to support directly affected students,” he said.

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The email was addressed to “black students on our campus” and was signed by “The Umas Coalition for a Better Society.” The email first states that its author has used a non-student account to avoid “predictable cries of racism and avoid inclusion.”

UMass officials concluded that the emails were sent to various black organizations between September 8 and September 17. Members of the National Society of Black Engineers have received the first annoying emails, which include bad words such as telling students to remove their genitals in hopes of disinfecting and deleting their DNA.

Walker and university officials say they will continue their investigation into the racist incident but students will have to come forward to help them with any additional information on the matter.

Black students on campus, however, feel that appeals and statements only go so far and that it is the school’s responsibility, not theirs, to keep them safe.

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