Announces 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Death Cab Photo Album for QT

Death Cab for QT has announced a special deluxe version Photo album, Instead of the 20th anniversary of this year, digitally October 29.

There was a photo album Originally released on October 9, 2001. The 35-track new remastered record includes Studio Outtech, previously unreleased tracks, rarity and UK-exclusive B-side, and even Bizarre’s “All Is Full of Love” and Stone Roses’ cover “I Want to Be Caught.” A limited edition 2xLP, new Remade for vinyl, now available for pre-order, and coming down in the spring of 2022.

With the announcement, the band shared the previously unpublished “Connie Island (Band Demo)”. Ben Gibbard, the group’s lead vocalist, said in a statement: “This is a very hint of the process we were engaged in at the time.”

“I think so Photo album It’s pretty cool, “Ex-Death Cab for QT member Chris Waller.” The demos are particularly satisfying for me আমরা we were recorded live on 8-track for a few days a week before the album was properly launched, and they are a beautiful, buzzing, remarkably confident set of polaroids. For. What will be the album. “

Photo album Track list

1. Steady footing
2. Finish a movie script
3. We smile indoors
4. Data travel faster
5. Why you want to stay here
6. Friction black out
7. I was a kaleidoscope
8. Styrofoam plate
9. Connie Island
10. Debate expresses doubt

Durability EP

11. 20th century tower
12. Everything is full of love
13. Durability

Rare and unpublished recordings

14. Gridlock Caravans
15. Data Travel Fast (Optional Lyric Demo)
16. I Wanna Be Adored (Live)
17. I was a kaleidoscope (live)
18. We smile indoors (dab)
19. Debate expresses doubt (word)
20. End of a Movie Script (Sound)
21. I was a kaleidoscope (sound, live at KEXP)
22. Corney Island (Studio Outtech)
23. We smile indoors (UK single mix)

Band demo

24. Steady Footing (Acoustic Studio Outtech)
25. Ending a Movie Script (Band Demo)
26. We Smile Inside (Band Demo)
27. Data Travel Fast (Band Demo)
28. Why You Want to Stay Here (Band Demo)
29. Friction Black Out (Band Demo)
30. I was a kaleidoscope (band demo)
31. Styrofoam Plates (Band Demo)
32. Connie Island (Band Demo)
33. Debate raises doubts (band demo)
34. 20th Century Tower (Band Demo)
35. Fixed Song (Band Demo)

Death cab for cutie tour dates

10/20/21 – Portland, or ান্ড Wonder Ballroom (all ages)
10/21/21 – Portland, or @ Wonder Ballroom (21+)
10/23/21 – Napa, CA-Oxbow Riverstage *
* With support from the Illuminati Hotspots

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