Apple has released iOS 15 software with more than 50 new features

Apple knew what they were doing in the lab when they came up with the latest update of iOS 15 technology. The update is packed with new features that help iPhone users connect with others in an enlightened way! Everyone likes the latest installation so much that iOS 15 is trending on Twitter. So here is a summary of what you can expect from the new software.

FaceTime is going to be more interactive than before. With the new SharePlay feature, users can create a unique experience by viewing, listening and sharing their screens within FaceTime. According to Apple, the SharePlay feature will make FaceTime calls feel like you’re in a room with the person and more normal, especially now you can stream movies and TV shows while on FaceTime.

This is perfect if you want to do a date night with your girls or just what! No need to worry about volume. The feature is adjusted automatically, so you can talk and see without interruption. This feature makes sharing music and screens even easier. If you think it’s, no, there’s more!

With Grid View, you can bring the party to FaceTime while chatting with up to six people. The speaker will be highlighted automatically, so you always know who is speaking to avoid confusion. With iOS 15, you’ll finally be able to video chat with other non-iPhone users without downloading a third-party app. You can now send a link to connect with friends and family, even if they use Windows or Android.

Another feature that has improved to help the overall user experience is the map. They now provide drivers with road details such as turn lanes, crosswalks, bike lanes and more. As we reported earlier, the Wallet feature lets you use key applications to unlock your home, garage, hotel room, and even your workplace. Also keep your driver’s license or state ID for travel and much more.

Rumiz, are you excited about the upgrade?

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