Ari Fletcher on her th0th birthday wallet Yo 2.8. Ac acre land gifted

Wow! Ari Fletcher certainly played her part in making sure her boy was doing the money bag yo It is For his b-day! And by that, we mean flexing the blessings he deserves. The social media influencer and entrepreneur presented all the ways of his presence for the present 30th birthday of the presenter. Ori bought 28.8 acres of land for Manibagh Yo in his old neighborhood.

Ori wrote in an Instagram caption, “What would you buy from someone who has it all?” “That gives gifts. I literally bought you income tax. Wealth of generations! 28.8 acres of children! I love you Happy birthday The period is yours! ”

The caption comes with two photos of the moment – one a happy couple and the other featuring them, the realtor and others were present at the moment. From the footage shared across the couple’s separate Instagram pages, fans watched the whole scene together.

Our good sister just didn’t give him an amal and didn’t call it a day. He set up a sitting room on the open ground with a couch, a coffee table and a rug. Ari also sweetened the glorious gift with a custom cake featuring a gold crown.

The realtor presented a huge card that read “Happy Birthday Money Bag Yo” as well as a 28.8 acre text message and “From Ori with Love”.

“He’s crazy,” Money Bag Yo is heard saying in a video. “He doesn’t play that sh * t. All these sh * t mines are back here. It’s madness.”

Ari, with an energetic and loving smile, replies to “Happy Birthday” and then says to him “Oh yes, go to your work, it’s guaranteed for you, paid, no payment, nothing.”

Across the videos shown, MoneyBaggYo doesn’t seem to be pushing for such a generous gift.

“This lady really bought me 28.8 acres in my hood,” Manny Baggio said while recording a video of her new land. “There’s no going back … oh yeah it’s over.”

After the initial mix, the rapper made it clear that the land was about the size of 27 football fields. In Sweetie’s words, “I know it’s right!”

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