As the Gabby Petito case gets news coverage, attention is drawn to the missing black geologist Daniel Robinson

Although the mainstream media is focusing on coverage Gabby PetitoMissing New York woman whose body was found in Wyoming on Sunday (September 1), many are asking why missing blacks do not get the same amount of coverage.

News of the discovery of Petico’s body prompted a tweet that went viral. It requested people “Please take 5 seconds to read this Daniel Robinson. But the tweet also heard about the case for the first time, despite it being three months old, unlike Petito, who went missing on September 11th.

Robinson, 24, is a field geologist who oversees sites in remote desert areas. Republic of Arizona. He was last seen driving a blue jeep Renegade on June 23 from his workplace west of Sun Valley Parkway in Ariz’s chest.

Robinson, a landowner about four miles southwest of his workplace, discovered the damaged vehicle on July 1 and found his clothes, cellphone, wallet and keys at the scene.

She is described as having 5 feet, 8 inches long black hair and brown eyes. Robinson has no right hand or arm.

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Authorities said it was not a criminal investigation because they did not suspect a bad game. They also dispelled rumors that Robinson’s body had been found in the area. The search was conducted by air and ground. According to Republic, the department continues to analyze evidence and explore leads.

Robinson’s family wants to keep the department’s feet close to the fire and pressure investigators to conduct a thorough investigation.

Robinson’s father, David Robinson, began a petition about two weeks ago demanding police accountability. More than 17,000 people signed the document by Wednesday. He also hired a private investigator.

“Since most of my family cannot speak directly to the police department here in Baku, this application gives them the ability to hear their voices. Daniel’s family will be empowered to know that they have the support of the community and want to see everything done to find Daniel, ”the petition said.

Monday (September 20), Joy Reed, Hosted by MSNBC Readout On the show, she drew attention to the issue of what is considered “missing white female syndrome” and questioned why missing blacks often do not receive the same attention.

“The way this story has fascinated the nation, many are wondering why the same media does not pay attention when people of the same color go missing? Well, the answer actually has a name: Missing White Women Syndrome, a term coined by the late and great Glowen Eiffel, who describes the media and public attraction to missing white women like Lucky Peterson or Natalie Hallway while ignoring the cases involving the described man. , “He said.

Robinson’s family started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to help find him.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Buckeye Police Department at (623) 349-6400.

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