Ashanti reveals that she has a man and shares “a lot has happened” with Nellie

Alexa Play, “Thanks, next!”

On Tuesday night, Ashanti and Nellie’s innate broke up after Fat Joe and Ja Rule hugged each other during the fight.

Although some may have thought that they would ‘run it for a month’, that is certainly not the case.

On Wednesday, Fat invited Joe Ja Rule, Remy’s mother and Ashanti live to talk about the night before. As expected, Nellie was a topic of conversation.

When mentioned, Ashanti expressed that he is unmarried. Ja Rule said, “You know Nelly Single now. Ashanti replied,” Yes, but I’m not. So that’s it. “

When Fat Joe mentioned that he was “not talking to his brothers like that and” we weren’t ready. Ashanti replied, “You all don’t know how to keep tea.”

Ja Rule and Fat Joe then said, “He wants to get that old thing back. He wants that old thing back.” Fat Joe asked, “So it’s not happening right now.” .I am very personal and I wish him the best and all those good things

It happened a lot. There were a lot of things that were unresolved … a lot of gray areas.

As you know, the two were together for about 10 years and broke up in 2014. In an interview with Andy Cohen in “Watch What Happens Live” in 2019, he said they haven’t seen each other since their breakup.

In the case of Nellie’s relationship, it was recently revealed that he and his longtime girlfriend Shantel Jackson were no longer together after seven years.

And that’s it.

Rumiz, what do you all think about it?

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