At least 1 American missionary, including 5 children, was abducted in Haiti after going to an orphanage.

At least one American missionary, including five children, was abducted at a Haitian airport as they were visiting an orphanage, ABC News reported.

A Haitian gang abducted 19 people at a checkpoint in Haiti, a US embassy source told ABC News. A source in the Haitian president’s office said the abduction took place at the junction of “Carrefour Bowen” and “La Tremblay 17”.

Sixteen of the abductees were identified as American missionaries from Ohio. The U.S. embassy said the other three abductees included a Canadian missionary and two Haitian nationals.

According to sources, two French priests were also abducted at the same place. The Haitian government suspects that 40,000 gangs known as Mao Zedong are behind the abductions.

It was not immediately clear where the victims were taken and no immediate update was available on their current condition. The embassy is working with a special group of Americans in that country who are investigating the abduction.

The Ohio-based ministry of Christian Aid confirmed in a statement that a group of 11 people had been “kidnapped” while visiting an orphanage on Saturday.

The statement said on Sunday, “We are requesting prayers for the team of staff of the Ministry of Christian Aid who were abducted during a visit to an orphanage on Saturday, October 16th.” “We are seeking direction from God for a solution, and the authorities are looking for ways to help.

The group has also been blamed for abducting five priests and two nuns earlier this year, according to the Associated Press.

Our prayers are with the victims and their families and we hope they will return home safely. We will post you an update.

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