Attorney denies allegations that Black China held a woman hostage: “This story is false” (update)

On Thursday, allegations that a viral clip of Black China holding a woman hostage spread online. Although many had questions, his attorney denied the allegations.

In an exclusive statement to Hollywood Unlocked, Attorney Lin M Siani, Esq. Talked to the site and resolved the claims.

He said, “This story is a lie.” Added, “This latest false accusation of criminal conduct is the latest in a long line of false accusations against Black China.”

Siyani went to talk about the allegations made against Black China.

“We are very grateful that the video evidence allowed us to deny the past allegations of assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon and now this false accusation. The video, which was circulated on social media, showed that Black China did not detain anyone against their will, “said Siyani.

As previously reported, the incident took place at the Sacramento Sheraton Grand, when China apparently invited the woman and her friend back to her house for a drink. The sun Report

The woman’s friend, Ron Knighton, said people were having a good time and the energy was good. “Everyone was enjoying themselves; The drinks were flowing and the energy in the suit was really good. “

He went on to say, “Suddenly, out of nowhere, China yelled at my friend, ‘Shut up!’ Or he’ll kill us both.” The vibrations changed immediately so we thought it would be nice to leave at the time – but when I went out he closed the door behind me and put my friend in the room. “

It was reported that 20 minutes later, other people who seemed to be part of the Chinese team knocked on the door asking him to open it.

Just then the woman became emotional and started crying and left the house. As he apologized, Ron said, “It’s not your fault. She’s crazy about cocaine. “

No drug scene was seen in the video.

The Sun reported that Sacramento police admitted they were aware of the incident, which occurred around 3 a.m. on Nov. 27. A spokesman said: “There was a dispute between the two sides and the incident was resolved by the people involved. No injuries were reported. The department is actively investigating the situation around the incident and the investigation is active. ”

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