Azriel Clary admits that in an initial interview with Gayle King, he was dishonest about his relationship with Kelly.

After R. Kelly was convicted of rape and trafficking in her sexual assault case, Azriel Clary, who had previously said she was his girlfriend, sat down to find out about his relationship with Gayle King.

If you remember, this is not the first time Azriel has sat down with Gayle. Back in 2019, Azriel is no longer trying to remove Kelly’s name.

Azriel testified against Kelly in his trial, alleging physical and mental abuse. In the new interview, he told Gayle that he was not being honest about his relationship and complained that Gayle had trained him to answer questions he could.

“He practiced with us every day before that interview,” Azriel told Gayle. “Practice answering questions and if he doesn’t like our answers he will tell us exactly what to say and how to say it. So whenever you mention something about sexual preference, we already know how to say ‘I’m not here to talk about that’. “

Azriel told Gayle that he decided to tell her the truth and testify against Kelly because he understood that she was being manipulated and that he did not love her.

“Why am I exposing myself to someone who put me in this position in the first place?” He said. “And I really had to come to terms and realize it wasn’t love, you know, love doesn’t hurt.”

As we reported earlier, Kelly was convicted of sexual assault and was due to be sentenced in March 2022.

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