Baby Chudi admires Lil Nas X and slams homophobia in hip-hop. Music

Montero, Lil Nas X.Its much-anticipated debut album, will drop tomorrow and has already received a lot of response from a few people due to its provocative imagery and the fact that the rapper is openly gay. But a man in his corner Kid Cudi.

A Twitter user questioned why he didn’t have a black male artist on his album, after which X and Chudi tied the knot. “Probably a lot of them don’t want to work with me,” the 22-year-old hitmaker responded.

Chudi replied, “N *** a I will work wu and frolic in the rose garden Wu and singin with my pain.”

Lil Nas Followed With, “You’ve heard it all before here

Now, Cudi writes about Lil Nas X for a list of the 100 most influential people of the 2021 era.

“When I saw the tweet about black male artists not appearing on Nasser’s album Montero, and he replied that‘ many of them might not want to work with me, ’which saddened me,” Cody wrote.

“There’s a homophobic cloud over hip-hop, and he’s going to break this phenomenon. We have to stand with him. I’m going to do what I have to do to let him know – you have my support. When we sing our songs together, no matter how flawed the video Why, let’s get sexy. “

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He added, “Lil Nass X is a new twist on some of the themes that I first started: being true to yourself and not giving FK what no one says. We just need what he’s doing. Now. Someone in hip-hop. The gay man doing his job, breaking the record এটি it’s huge for us and black excellence. The way he’s not afraid to make people uncomfortable, so the rock ‘n’ roll. He’s a real rock star. “

Montero Includes guest attendance from Miley Cyrus, Doja Cat, Megan Thi Stallion And legend Elton John. The album already has a Billboard Hot 100 number. Hit with 1 “Montero (call me by your name)” And not 2 charting songs “Industry Baby,” Which is characteristic Jack Harlow.

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