Baby on the board!

Jenny Mai And her husband Gigi Expecting their first child together! Talk show Its co-host announced the exciting news in Monday’s episode Original.

“I can say for sure that our real family is growing,” he told his co-hosts at the 8th premiere of the talk show, including Day. “It was really hard to keep all this privacy from you because we had so much to reveal here on the show, including the fact that … I’m pregnant!”

See her big reveal below!

During the chat, My shared how her relationship with the rapper changed her thinking about being a parent. “I always said, ‘I’ll never be a mother,'” she admitted. “I know you never say that Never, And that love can really change you and I am grateful to be present at a show that has really helped me grow up and see myself differently than I ever imagined myself. “

In an interview with Women’s health, Mai revealed that he has been in the news for five months. “We’re finally relieved to share the news.”

She shared that they had been actively trying to get pregnant since an unfortunate miscarriage before their wedding in March. “I wondered if I was being punished. I wondered if I was zincing myself or cursing myself. My whole life, I’ve never wanted a child. When I say no, I never speak harshly.”

Just a week after their home wedding, Mai said she found out she was pregnant again at her doctor’s appointment for IVF treatment. “It was the most beautiful sign that something is possible, that you are out of control and that God has a plan,” he explained. “Falling in love with Gigi makes my own life different. Our love is honest, pure and safe … something I never felt as a child.”

This is the first child for fashion enthusiasts. Gigi has three children- Zadarias, Shaihim, And Amra– From a previous relationship.

Join us to congratulate the Lovebirds on their growing family!

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