Bachelor star Sarah Trott’s father died after the ALS war

Bachelor Alum Sarah Trott She is mourning the loss of her father after a long battle with ALS.

The former Bachelor Contestant, who appeared briefly Matt James‘Before the season two show left early in January, on Thursday, October 21, he announced that his father, Thomas Trott, Died 15 October. He was 60 years old.

“Where do I start with this guy?” I love you endlessly and miss you so much already. You hung up your jersey last Friday after a tough fight with ALS. Six years of extra innings and physically and mentally exceeding everyone’s expectations. My wonderful father, a true family man, my mentor, my inspiration and loving father. You fought with so much courage. It is an absolute honor to have known you for 25 years and to be your daughter. Thank you for showing us humor, dignity and courage in difficult times. Thanks for teaching Many valuable lessons in my life about resilience, attitude and kindness. “

Throughout the year his father’s struggles with ALS are reflected, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. This leads to gradual weakness resulting in patients eventually becoming unable to speak, chew, swallow, walk, and breathe.

Wrote throughout the year, “You’ve lost a lot in the cruel way of ALS over the years but you haven’t let this disease crush your positive attitude.” “You refused to let ALS cripple your stupid personality, your intellect and your wisdom and most importantly you never let your faith in Jesus fade. ‘And’ I believe the purpose of my life is to be an inspiration to others. ‘

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