Bailiff Beef: Judge Judy Officer Petrie Hawkins Baird replaces without warning after 25 years. Celebrities

Judge Judy He decided: Officer Baird out.

Petrie Hawkins Bird, Judge Judy’s longtime bailiff when Judge Judy was not asked to act as courtroom officer Judy Shindleyn’s new show, Judy judged, Which airs on November 1 on IMDB TV.

Bird said Entertainment Weekly That he was out of the discussion about the new show. He has since served as Shindlin’s bailiff Judge Judy Premiered in 1996.

“I guess if you were going to do something else, you were at least going to ask me if I wanted to get a chance to audition for this role,” Byrd said.

Bard was clearly kept out of the loop about the new show. He found out about it Judy judged When Shendlin made the announcement Ellen DeGeneres Show In March 2020.

During the epidemic, Schindlein worked with Judge Judy from New York while Byrd and the production team were in Los Angeles. The show, in its 25th and final season, ended in April.

At the time, Byrd was paying close attention to his wife, Makita Bond-Baird, Who was scheduled for brain surgery to remove the tumor and completed the third round of chemotherapy. The outlet said 95 percent of the tumors had been successfully removed.

“It wasn’t until July that I called the judge and asked, ‘Hey, am I looking for something else or am I involved in the Judy Justice project?’ I have been asked to come to the project. ”

Shindlin told him that his salary would be too high, even though he was not given the opportunity to accept the wage cut.

“I feel like if I did something wrong or offended you or embarrassed the show, or if we’ve been involved in a lot of scandals together in 25 years, I understand why you didn’t want to bother in the end,” Bird said.

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Shindlin, who has a new bailiff to replace Bird, issued a statement about Baird’s ouster: “Baird is great and we had a great race in 25 years. It’s a whole new program with a whole new cast and an exciting energy.”

Bird seems to be moving it forward, as he is looking for new opportunities. So far, he has appeared in soap operas of the day Brave and beautiful, According to TV Insider. He played the role of a minister who married a couple in the August 5 episode. He also did voiceover.

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