Baltimore man fatally shot his ex-wife and girlfriend in a suicide attack

Howard County police on Saturday identified two of the three people killed in an apparent double homicide that stretched from Federal Hill to Columbia. According to Yahoo News, police say Razi Sharif Black shot and killed his ex-girlfriend at a home in South Baltimore, whose name has not yet been released by authorities. He then went to Colombia and killed his ex-wife Wendy Natalie Black.

Rajai went live on Facebook to explain his problems with women and the alleged custody he has been fighting for the past three years. “Okay, Facebook, I never thought I’d do it but I have to do it fast,” he said. His ex-girlfriend, who was carrying her child, threatened not to let her see her child in the heated argument. The king explained that he shot the woman in the head, which “seemed like a dream.”

As he went live, he said he could not go to jail, but Wendy, who caused him frustration, was his next victim and he would kill himself. Ahead of the live video, he warned viewers, “Don’t play with people’s emotions, and don’t lie to these people,” he said as he suddenly entered his ex-wife’s complex, “Today,” according to NBC, Washington. Authorities say Raje had two children in the car during the second shooting.

The kids were found inside their father’s gray BMW X3 in the parking lot, unharmed and out of sight of the shooting. “It’s a terrible, terrible tragedy,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told reporters near the city’s crime scene. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these victims. ” Want updates directly in your text inbox? Hit us on 917-722-8057 or Click here to join!

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