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March 5, 2020

Nashville, TN

The story of Butch Warrell in the film One Heart

One Heart Photo by Butch Warrell

It was a helpful show for Barney Sanders, where progressive-minded musicians from the Nashville community, hosted by Dean Moore, decided to show their love for Barney on the eve of Super Tuesday.

Meet the best musicians in Music City as Andrew Leah and the Homestead House Band. An example is Joel King of the Wild Feathers, who most appropriately sang “Revolution” by the Beatles.

Event poster

Aftin Behan of Indivisible Tennessee

Music takes a short break as Emily Benedict, a member of the Nashville Council, and others give short speeches on why they support Barney.

One of the highlights of the night filled with highlights was that Sara Potenza sang a powerful “gimmick shelter”. The “Oh, a storm is threatening” line was particularly appropriate for the revision because the storm descended on the city to destroy much of the basement, including the east.

At the end the entire cast gathered to sing “Our Kind of Revolution” written by Dean Moore, Amy Miriello and Tim Jones. None of us even dreamed that we would wake up the next day to death and destruction

That night and the best tribute to the soul of Nashville is how the tornado protects part of the wall with the “I believe in Nashville” sign. And as owners begin rebuilding Basement East, and as Nashville begins rebuilding, overcoming destruction they believe in the future!

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