Baton Rouge stripped lawmaker R. Kelly of ‘Key to the City’, which he once presented to him.

Fallout for continued And. Kelly A Brooklyn jury on September 2 convicted a humiliated R&B singer of sex trafficking.

WAFT Reported that Louisiana State Representative C. Dennis Marcel Baton Rouge dismissed the “key to the city” that he presented to Kelly in 2011, at a time when allegations of abuse against Kelly’s daughters and young women had not yet been made public.

A spokesman for Marcel’s office said lawmakers believed “attention should be paid to victims.”

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Kelly was convicted of nine counts of rape and sex trafficking in a high-profile case, including several hours of graphic testimony from the singer’s complainants and eyewitnesses for her illicit behavior.

According to BBC, Allegations of sexual harassment and predatory behavior against Kelly targeting underage girls date back to the 1990s.

After the verdict, celebrity attorney and women’s rights lawyer Dr. Gloria Allred Kelly is described as the worst sex victim of the year in her 47-year legal life.

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Marcel was a member of the East Baton Rouge Metro Council when he gave Kelly the keys to the city at his 2013 Baton Rouge Valentine’s Day concert.

A WAFB Investigations at the time revealed that Marcel Kelly had spent public funds for the honorary plaque.

“Again, the reason I chose to do this is because he is a great artist,” said Marcel, defending his work as an “approved expense” in terms of the city’s economic development.

According to AdvocateMarcel spent 195 195.45 on the gift, which she said was a small expense compared to Kelly’s concert profits for local businesses.

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