Beautiful Ricky’s Baby Blue Share Shirtless Selfie: ‘You all leave Lizo alone and choose me!’

The beautiful Ricky’s Baby Blue has been spreading on social media in recent times but on Friday she used her platform to take an anti-rape stance against people who hate Lizo.

Lizo made waves this week after waving a nude crystal gown nearby at Cardi B’s birthday party. Her fashion statement received both criticism and praise.

He certainly caught the eye of Soya Lee, who shared about himself under a collage of photos of her shot on Lizo on Twitter.

Lizo had plenty of body shammer and literally applauded haters with pant-cum-torque on social media.

The move spoke to more people, but Lizo found an impossible ally in Baby Blue, who spoke out against the hatred that Lizo got for celebrating her body.

Blue tried to seduce people to choose her instead of Lizo, to share a shirtless selfie on her Instagram page.

“Leave all of you alone and choose me!” He wrote in the caption below the post. “These haters are so rubleous on their own skin but those of them who are ‘comfortable’ want to tear them apart.”

Baby Blue emphasized that beauty is really in the eye of the beholder.

“Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and skin tones. [Let’s] Normalize each other’s praise, love and encouragement. ”

Baby Blue has been using social media lately to share her views. The other day he claims his team got their “flowers” ​​from the beautiful Ricky, claiming they are “the greatest group in history”!

His colleague Bandmate Pleasure P called him to “beg” for flowers.

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